Casa 2057
Status: Under Construction 
Renovation & Landscape Design


Located in a quintessential South LA neighborhood lined with Spanish-style homes, this modest 1920s bungalow sought some love after a century of wear and tear. With settled foundations and slightly askew walls, we took on the challenge of integrating clean lines to blend modern with traditional.

The original Santa Fe style plastered arch between the former living and dining area serves as a threshold between old and new. Keeping the 1920s charm of the existing living area, the compartmentalized dining, kitchen, and laundry areas were consolidated to create distinct zones for living and entertaining, separated by a central storage wall. An expansive glass door was added to the back of the home, flooding the common areas with natural light with views of the beloved Palo Verde tree in the front and the lush garden in the back.

The design for the backyard landscaping was inspired by Southern California’s ubiquitous kidney bean swimming pools, Luis Barragan’s pink walls, and a Mediterranean planting palette. The former sea of sod has recently been transformed into a wildlife habitat with an organic mix of fruit trees and aromatic herbs to create a bountiful and aromatic retreat.