6,414 Miles, 2020


Reimagine Public Art
Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs

Sponsored by the Helms Bakery District
and the Culver City Arts Foundation07.31.20-08.06.20

No Longer Valid Ap Kunstart Fund 
Momentum Gallery 06, Kraków, Poland

Heitzman, Lorraine. “Possibilities in a Pandemic.”  #ProjectingPossibilities Review. Art and Cake, 28 January 2021.

6,414 Miles is a 2-minute looped film of a recent drive across the country to be with a loved one during an impending death. The footage is an amalgamation of six days spent staring mindlessly out of the car window as we raced across the country towards an imminent fate, and back. The foreboding pressure of time was absorbed in aimless thoughts and time zones, while space was defined by the varied topographical landscapes. The linear sequence is a manifestation of recollected memories in multi-planar perspectives from both the driver and passenger seat. 

The imagery portrays the vast and shifting wonderland that is America’s contextual environment. Coast to Coast, it is anelusive space where natural and man-made marvels coexist. As a seemingly open terrain, it evokes adventure, freedom, and unity through expansive networks of mobility. Dually, it is a volatile landscape where transposed physical and socio-economic borders have the inherent power of segregation.