Jersey Juice, 2018
Knoll + Flying Fish Brewing Co.
Label Design Challenge


The Knoll  + Flying Fish Brewing Company label challenge seeks innovative concepts that capture Knoll’s 80+ year history of timeless design. The proposed design is based on Flying Fish Brewery Company’s classic Jersey Juice recipe, with a modern twist. Featuring Knoll’s legendary Apples textile by Stig Lindberg, the beer’s signature tropical fruit and citrus ingredients are infused with Knoll inspired textile and furniture geometries to create a refreshing blend.

Contents: Adjaye Washington Skeleton Chair (Lime),  Eclat (Pineapple), Platner Table (kiwi and orange), Lindberg (strawberry and papaya), Biscayne (hops), Abacus (mango), Impressions Shima (dragon fruit), Intrigue (melon)