Soft Surrealism, 2024
Participatory public art installation
Arts in the Parks
Tempe, AZ

Commissioned by City of Tempe
Community Arts Team 

Soft Surrealism is a participatory community project that invites the public to create evolving abstract sculptures using magnetically connecting inflatables. Designed for the City of Tempe’s traveling Arts in the Parks events, the project seeks to create an immersive experience that constantly evolves with the creative contributions of its participants.

“Soft” references the colorful, biomorphic, and light-weight forms of the inflatable pieces inspired by the vibrant hues and air-filled shapes of the Pop Art movement. “Surrealism” aims to tap into the depths of our unconscious mind, unlocking a reservoir of creativity that knows no bounds through abstracted shapes.

The biomorphic custom shapes contain magnets welded into the plastic inflatables at strategic nodes that allow the different shapes and colors to connect in various configurations. Can you shape it like a pyramid? A colorful amoeba?! How tall can you make it? The possibilities are as limitless as the imagination.